Supply chain

Supply chain

The company has established strategic partnerships with many suppliers such as Africa and Australia, and its product supply channels are stable. Jinjiangrong Trading Co., Ltd. and Zhangzhou Jinsui New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (in preparation) have mature mineral processing technology and can choose It can also be processed on behalf of customers; the company currently has a stable sales channel. High-quality concentrates such as zircon sand, solitary, golden red and garnet are in short supply in the market.

Full industrial chain service of rare earth vanadium titanium/zirconium quartz minerals

Mining and processing of minerals (from upstream mining to sales terminals)

Rare earth processing and transportation licenses that are scarce in the industry

National terminal and processing plant resources

Supply Chain Finance (cooperating with listed state-owned enterprises to provide full-process third-party supply chain platform services for the same industry)

Logistics / freight forwarding services

Logistics / freight forwarding services

Jinyuan East (Xiamen) Logistics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive international freight forwarding and logistics supplier approved by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Communications. Through the joint efforts of all employees of the company, the company's business has made great progress at home and abroad. land and air transportation and cargo warehousing, and can provide customers with comprehensive door-to-door integrated logistics services.

Business segments:

Shipping: We maintain friendly and cooperative relations with the world's top 20 shipping companies, providing timely, efficient and professional shipping services to customers, and can develop comprehensive logistics solutions for customers, providing customers with one-stop, low-cost and all-round quality services. .

 Project logistics: The company can undertake large-scale project logistics business of sea, land and air, and provide trade import and export agency business for customers.

Commercial service

Commercial service

Professional management and supporting facilities are perfect:

        Flexible combination of new office space, 45-500 square meters free choice; complete facilities, office environmentSuperior, supporting facilities include badminton court, table tennis table, lounge bar, tea

Wait.Exclusive privileges:

        You can enjoy the free trade zone tax, rent, cross-border e-commerce, financial leasing industries if you are eligible for business.

Policy subsidies, etc.; our company has more than 10,000 yuan/flat

Fangmi's mutual funds.

        Convenient transportation and strong commercial atmosphere:

Located in the core area of the Free Trade Zone, the traffic is convenient and there is no worry about parking. Close to Customs, Commodity Inspection, Free Trade Zone Administration

Service hall, convenient service.